Bill Clinton returns home after 6 days in a California hospital

Former President Clinton was seen leaving Orange County Hospital shortly after 8 a.m. Sunday, six days after being admitted and treated for urological and blood transfusions. According to an aide, the 75-year-old is flying to New York with his wife, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and their daughter Chelsea. After landing, Clinton will head … Read more

The climate is warming; leaders have a chance to fix it

Washington — This year has been marked by terrifying news about climate change: extreme weather, widespread wildfires, persistent droughts in some areas and devastating floods in others. The sense of impending doom was made official when the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change warned that the world was almost certain to exceed the target … Read more

Will Matthew McConaughey Run for Texas Governor?

Austin, Texas – is he or not? Texans want to know. Since last spring, movie star Matthew McConaughey has been toying with the idea of ​​a run for governor of Texas but has refused to commit, giving spotlight celebs accustomed to promoting his new memoir “Greenlights.” But when the actor, who lives in the Lone … Read more

Op-Ed: Refrigeration alone can’t solve the ‘last mile’ problem of COVID vaccines

The COVID-19 pandemic is far from over. The delta version that destroyed India has spread across the world – and the next version could be even more lethal. Unless we support campaigns to vaccinate more people in vulnerable states such as South Sudan and Yemen, the pandemic will continue unchecked. But the availability of vaccines … Read more