Biden to tackle wildfire threat during California trip

Sacramento – Looking down from Marine Forest, President Biden surveyed miles of scorched earth through dense green forests, the scars of one of the worst wildfires ever left for California. Firefighters were able to defend the area around Lake Tahoe, but not before the Caldor fire destroyed the small town of Grizzly Flats and destroyed … Read more

Biden Stumps Recall Candidates Last Push for Newsom

President Biden joined Governor Gavin Newsom on Monday night for the final campaign stop in Long Beach on the eve of the recall election, lending his firepower to fight against the governor’s possible ouster and attempt to defeat him. Underscored the national importance. “California, I’m not sure you know it, but if you don’t know … Read more

California recalls electoral political art on Instagram

You get the message where you are. If you’re a millennial or Zoomer, you’ve almost certainly seen tweets, IGs, dating app messages and social media posts encouraging, demanding, or even begging you to get your vote. “Don’t let friends leave the election to friends,” reads an instagram post From Sarah Epperson, a Los Angeles-based artist … Read more

Rose McGowan stumped for Elder, slams Newsom at recall event

Actor and activist Rose McGowan intervened in a California recall-election narrative this weekend to stump conservative radio host Larry Elder and condemn the state’s first family members — namely Jennifer Seibel Newsom, whose husband, Gov. Gavin. Newsom, Tuesday’s topic is Remember Vote. McGowan, an outspoken figure in the #MeToo movement and a longtime listener of … Read more

California man held with knife, racist symbols in DC

Washington — US Capitol police arrested an Oceanside, Calif., man on suspicion of possessing a banned weapon outside the Washington headquarters of the Democratic National Committee early Monday. According to Capitol Police, around midnight, a patrol officer spotted a black Dodge Dakota pickup truck with a swastika and other white supremacist symbols outside the DNC … Read more

Elderly joining the California recall was the best thing for Newsom

Sacramento – When radio talk show host Larry Elder jumped into the governor’s recall race, it couldn’t have worked better—for Governor Gavin Newsom. Elder brought with him three decades of provocative right-wing rhetoric that Newsom turned into a terrifying wake-up alarm for Democrats to snooze. This shook him into voting against Newsom’s expulsion for fear … Read more

Californians may want to change recall election rules

Sacramento – Gavin Newsom’s recall election ends on Tuesday, but its impact on California politics could remain. And for absolutely good reasons. Launched by conservative critics and fueled by anger and fear over the state’s COVID-19 restrictions, the campaign has sparked a call to recall, with academics and activists alike saying reforms are long overdue. … Read more

Newsom, Elder make final appeal to voters in recall election

Two days before California’s recall election kicks off, Governor Gavin Newsom and leading Republican candidate Larry Elder spent Sunday in Los Angeles giving their final push to voters. The governor spoke to a few hundred people in Sun Valley – hoping for support with the region’s large Latino population – while the elder held a … Read more