Rohan Sippy: OTT allows creators to understand the deeper nuances of story and characters

Rohan Sippy, who has forayed into the digital space with his recent show ‘Aranyak’, is loving the medium for the freedom it gives to creators and storytellers. In his opinion, this allows the creators to delve into the deeper nuances of the story and characters. In a recent interaction with IANS, the filmmaker-writer spoke about the germ of ‘Aranyak’, the emancipation process of working through OTT, and his co-writer and frequent collaborator Charudatta Acharya. Aranyak Trailer: Raveena Tandon, Ashutosh Rana and Parambrata Chattopadhyay’s action-packed series releases on Netflix on December 10 (Watch Video).

Explaining how he thought up the idea for the show, he says, “One day, Charu (Charudutt) had an encounter with a cop from Himachal during his vacations. That’s where the little spark came from for the character. It had a very Indian character and was not derived from any western source. So, the idea started from there and then the crime element gradually came later like, ‘What if such a cop faced this kind of crime and how would she go about it'”. Aranyak: Raveena Tandon opens up about her role as a cop in Netflix’s upcoming show, ‘Women in uniform will identify with my character’.

He goes on to say, “That was the first set of building blocks; Charu had elaborated the idea of ​​the story and we decided that the best thing to do was to write the first episode. He wrote that pilot down and Then came the story. Life with the characters, then the characters’ voices, the conversation. Sometimes when you work on something, there’s a very organic energy that keeps it moving; it’s not forced, but process It feels good during.”

Talking about his creative partner, he says, “He is the primary writer and we act as a bouncing board that gives some ideas and inputs. My primary role is to protect Charudutt’s vision as much as possible. May we move on. He is very interested in human nature and the cultures of our nation. Not only that, he is also a very curious and imaginative person as a writer and probably has the best raw material “

He further adds, “Every time I meet him, he has at least 4 stories to tell. It could be about an auto rickshaw driver who gave him a ride to the place where we meet or have an affinity for humanity or human characters. I think he is not someone who is too westernized in his thinking; although he has also become familiar with the west, whether he is studying at a film institute or watching all kinds of cinema. However, his ethos is still very Indian.”

He is of the opinion that the more one lets the story boil down, the better the fairness he or she incorporates, which ultimately helps to flesh out the material better, “The good thing was we had enough time to cook it. , let it sit for a while and come. Come back after a while and then work on it.”

“Sometimes with writing, when you look at it right away, you can’t see it, especially when you’re working on it, but if you have a gap of 3 or 6 months, all of a sudden you see That some things needed to be changed. It flowed or a thing or two to remove. So, we had a little bit as well because the writing happened over a very long period of time,” he concluded.

Outlining his learnings about OTT, he mentioned, “The new lesson you get is that OTT is all about the characters. When you put in so much time and spend so much time with the characters, you Really have an emotional connection with the characters. That’s the beauty of this stage.

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