Eric Bledsoe pointed to fit in with Clippers

At first glance, the Clippers, coach Ty Lew, learned that their new point guard, Eric Bledsoe, is not an outspoken person. Lew discovers that Bledsoe still speaks in a calm voice when he does.

But Lew also learned that Bledsoe works hard at his craft and has a brilliant ability to work hard at paint.

So, with Bledsoe returning to the team he spent his first four NBA seasons with, Lew just wants his cool point guard to be himself and play his role perfectly.

“He’s just a cool guy by nature, but he works hard, he competes every single night, and we just need him to be aggressive,” Lew said Wednesday morning before the Clippers’ practice. “I’m going to stick to that about being aggressive and attacking.”

Since his days with the Clippers, Bledsoe’s career has taken him to Phoenix, Milwaukee, and last season to New Orleans. He was traded to Grizzlies by the Pelicans this summer, and he later sent them to the Clippers about a week later.

Bledsoe is happy to be back, even if it means transitioning again.

“The biggest transition for me is just like going somewhere else, trying to fit in, into a new team, get where you fit,” Bledsoe said. “I think they’re doing a good job of welcoming me with open arms and letting me play my game a little bit.”

Bledsoe described his new venture as “challenging”.

“It’s challenging for a new team because you don’t want to try to do much,” Bledsoe said. “But you still want to play your game at the same time. So, it’s challenging. It’s definitely got to see where you pick your spots and do what I do best. And in terms of defense Try to help everyone.”

Bledsoe joins a Clippers team that reached the Western Conference Finals last season, a first for the franchise.

Denver Nuggets guard Austin Rivers takes the ball away from Clippers guard Eric Bledsoe.

Denver Nuggets guard Austin Rivers takes the ball away from Clippers guard Eric Bledsoe during the preseason game on Oct.

(Ringo HW Chiu / The Associated Press)

He has played against several Clippers in the past, and was a teammate of forward Marcus Morris with the Phoenix Suns.

“It doesn’t feel like a new team because obviously I’ve been in the league going on for 12 years and I’m familiar with all the players who are just playing against them,” Bledsoe said. “So, there’s a lot of respect in that aspect. But as far as coming here and knowing the system, knowing how to play Tee Lew, a new coaching staff and everything, it’s absolutely in that aspect.” Is new. “

He averaged 4.0 points, 5.6 rebounds and 3.8 assists in four exhibition games. He shot 31.3% off the ground and missed both his three-pointers.

This led to Bledsoe saying that he “could have been better” during the preseason play.

“Maybe could have shot the ball a little better,” Bledsoe said. “But it comes with the game. I can’t think about it much. But I thought I did a great job of building up the pace, getting the players involved, playing my part.”

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