Cyclist injured after being hit by a lorry in Battersea Bridge accident TODAY South West London

Recently there has been an accident at Battersea Bridge Road Junction. One has suffered a life-changing injury in this accident. It is being told that the victim of this accident was a woman. According to media sources, the accident happened between a lorry and a bicycle. The famous incident is of Wednesday, 13 January 2022. All the family members of the victim woman are in shock as well as creating a ruckus on this audacity along with their family member.

Battersea Bridge accident today

The investigation should be completed as soon as possible as the police in South West London are known for their easy handling of such cases. It is so sad on the victim’s side that she has suffered injuries that have changed her life in many ways. However; The exact details about the woman’s injury have not been revealed yet. It is being told that the accident was so horrific that the victim could have died in the accident.

Battersea Bridge accident

The victim is suffering not only physical but also mental pain due to this painful accident. It is definitely a life changing incident for the victim woman. The woman’s family members, friends and other close ones are worried about her future. Those who have seen the matter said that the woman appeared to be in her 30s. There were some people at the accident spot yet they could not save him from this accident. As a result, she has been suffering from a dark period of her life.

If we talk about the ongoing police investigation in the related case, then the accident happened somewhere between Battersea Bridge Road Junction and Cheyenne Walk Junction in South West London. On Wednesday, January 13, 2022, around 08:40 am, a lorry hit a woman. South West Lonan Police rushed to the accident site along with an air ambulance and paramedic staff after learning about the accident. Committed to provide all necessary treatment facilities.

The driver of the lorry concerned did not flee from the spot and stood at the accident spot till the arrival of the police. Police is trying its level best to solve the matter as soon as possible. May God give him the strength to bear this accident and find something good in his life so that he can live.

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