Mill Park’s death, what happened to Poonam Sharma, she was stabbed in the park, watch the video Viral

Mill Park’s death, what happened to Poonam Sharma, she was stabbed in the park, watch the video Viral Poonam Sharma, a dental nurse, was allegedly stabbed to death on Thursday, 13 January 2022 in Mill Park, Australia. She was said to have been murdered by her husband when she was 39 years old. She was an Indian-Australian. According to media reports, her husband tried to kill not only the wife but the entire family. The accused husband has been accused of attempt to murder on two minor daughters including his wife.

Mill Park Death

Poonam’s younger daughter Vanessa died in the hospital premises. Vanessa was too young to lose her life as she was just 6 years old. Fortunately, one of the girls, Angela, managed to escape her father’s attack. Angela is a 10-year-old girl who shared her kindness at a police station. The accused husband and father’s name is Prabhal Rai Sharma. He is 40 years old. Australian police have arrested him for the murder of his wife and daughter.

Mill Park Death

This case has shaken the people of not only Australia but the whole world. The husband and father are considered the guardians of their family; However, they have become enemies in the matter concerned. The case has attracted world media attention as the lifeguard has acted as a lifesaver in the much-discussed case.

Police investigation has revealed that the victim woman was stabbed by her husband but she ran away from her house and reached her neighbor’s door for help. However; She could not go there and left, leaving blood splattered on the road as her husband was following her. People heard his cries but they did not help him.

What happened to Poonam Sharma?

Nevertheless, one of his neighbors called the police and an ambulance. She was found there with her 6-year-old daughter covered in blood as they both were attacked by her husband with a knife. She was admitted to the hospital but doctors could not save both her and her younger daughter. However; Another daughter of Poonam who survived the attack without any bodily injury is safe. Her name is Angela. The incident happened on Thursday evening at around 07:50.

Further, the police informed the media that Prabhal has gone insane as he wanted to kill himself when the police reached his residence to arrest him. After this the police had to take affirmative action to arrest him. He is in police custody. This case has shaken the entire locality of Mill Park area.

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