Who is Ruchi Kumar Journalist Kamal Khan Wife Biography Age Family Parents and Net Worth

Nowadays Ruchi Kumar’s name is trending on the internet. People are eager to get acquainted with the life of Ruchi Kumar. She has recently become one of the most searched celebrities on the internet. There in this article we will tell you about it. This article is dedicated to his biography, age, family, parents and net worth.

Who is Ruchi Kumar

Ruchi Kumar is a famous journalist from India. She is working as the head of India TV. She is the wife of late Kamal Khan. Kamal Khan was a journalist with NDTV. Ruchi is a passionate and successful journalist, Hao has been exposing the truth to Indian audiences since the beginning of her career as a journalist.

Who is Ruchi Kumar

She is the bureau chief of the Indian news TV network named India TV. He was born in 1964 in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India. She is 57 years old. He is post graduate. She is best known as the wife of the late Kamal Khan.

early life

She was born in 1956 in UP, India, as a result of which she is 57 years old. He was raised by his parents in Lucknow, UP. It was his dream to become a journalist; Hence, she joined an institute related to Mass Communication. He completed his post-graduation and started the journey of becoming a journalist. His parents were always with him to achieve his goal of becoming a journalist.

Ruchi Kumar’s career

She was associated with India TV as a journalist. On the basis of her hard work, she has become the bureau chief of the same TV news network. Her husband helped her a lot in her professional life.

Ruchi Kumar’s family

Talking about the life of Ruchi Kumari, not much is known about her parents. She is married to an NDTV journalist. NDTV is one of the best TV news networks in India. Her husband passed away on Friday, 14 January 2022. Her husband’s name is Late Kamal Khan. She is blessed with a son along with her husband. Their child’s name is Aman.

net worth

In his professional life as the Bureau Chief of a TV news agency, he is no less than a celebrity. Her expected net worth is around Rs 200K. The given value is nothing but an assumption. He is credited for the success of India TV.

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