What if Congress doesn’t raise the debt limit?

When power in Washington is split between Democrats and Republicans, chances are good that lawmakers will reach an impasse that was once a routine part of the budget process: raising the federal debt limit. We’ve seen it in 1985, 1995 (a stalemate that lasted until 1996), 2002, 2003, 2011, 2013, 2014 and 2015, and it’s … Read more

Biden to face UN after crisis with Afghanistan, France

New York – It’s hard to imagine a more inappropriate moment for Joe Biden to debut on the biggest world stage of his presidency. Biden this week on a mission to restore credibility and confidence in the US as a credible global partner following a series of crises linked to the US withdrawal from Afghanistan, … Read more

Podcast: Abortion rights spread across Latin America

Listen to this episode of The Times: Apple Podcasts Spotify sewing machine google podcasts This month, Mexico’s Supreme Court decriminalized abortion in the country. Argentina legalized abortion last December, becoming one of only three countries in Latin America to fully allow it. Today, we talk about the slow liberalization of abortion rights in Latin America, … Read more

After Calling California Back, Is Newsom After the White House?

Recently, as he bathed in the glow after his roaming, stomping recall victory, Governor Gavin Newsom was asked the inevitable question. Will the smashing results, CBS News’ Major Garrett wanted to know, “accelerate or dampen” Newsom’s ambitions to become president? “Truly 100% has never been on my radar,” said the victorious Democrat, responding unapologetically. “Just … Read more

New sense of stability in Israel as Naftali Bennett reaches 100-day mark

On 13 June, Naftali Bennett did what many of his fellow citizens believed was impossible, replacing Israel’s longest-serving ruler Benjamin Netanyahu as prime minister. Four consecutive elections proved inconclusive and, exhausted by two years thirsting for stability, the Israelis viewed the political revolution with caution, fearing that it might not end. None was more dismissive … Read more